Art & Craft

Orissa is famous for its manual work which shows the competence and the creativity of its craftsmen. Its brass work, silver plated work, objets d’art of terracotta, and work of bracket are single examples of artistic excellence.

Work of horn: – the articles of horn of Orissa are mystical and are mixed with a superb design of mode. Their animated aspect, dynamism and animation fight with truths objects of the nature which orthography names of Parlakhemundi and Cuttack. It there has craftsmen in Orissa who are skilful by providing articles of a daily utility like combs, vases with flower and pen-is held out of the horn of the cattle.

Papier Mache: – this competence créativement was créativement practised by craftspersons everywhere of Orissa. Paper, the fabric of reject and the various kinds of normal fibres are soaked and beaten in pulp, then mixed with a variety of seeds and gums for the force and like protection counters termites.

Work of Bracket: – “Bracket”, which is a French limit, is a technique by which the decorative effect is obtained by superposing reported parts of fabrics coloured on a basic fabric, edges of the brought back parts being bent in a certain form of stitchery. Although the form is not unknown in other areas of India, it is Orissa and particularly in Pipli that the trade has an alive tradition and activates continuing above the centuries.

Manual work, work of Orissa TravelsLacquer: – work is executied in folk designs of delightgul, and form important part of a trousseau of the girls in Orissa. Between other beauties of this opens are the bracelets, the collars and the toys, all distinctive and consequently in a great request by the experts. Boxes in bamboo are enamelled in various colors and nuances.

Brass and metal of Beautiful: – fine engravings on the ustensils, the bracelets of bronze and the brass pots and bellmetal are important aspects of art of Orissan. Made worked objects of metal, particolarly brass, pride of lucky find of place in the houses of Orissa. The beautiful lamps and lamp-is held are used during the worship of the deity.

In silver plated filigree: – the silverware of Orissa is very largely known. Its work makes in filigree some in particular are single examples of artistic excellence to seldom see in any other area of India. Silver plated wire, extremely sensitive, are formed in complex designs. The shapes of the animals and birds, articles of a daily utility as the receptacles vermilions are also manufactured starting from the ornaments in money wire filigree.

Stone cutting: – stone cutting is a very important manual work of Orissa. Just as obvious of the innumerable archaeological monuments, rock-cut the sculptures, caves and the temples built during centuries and embellished with the most beautiful and complex statue most cut out and other ornaments, the art of cutting in the stone had reached in vertiginous faces of Orissa.


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