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Old Orissa were a coincidence of race flows. The history tells that Aryans Orissa of us the North east entered, primitive people submitted that there and to them their language and culture imposed life. The tale could not be this way simple; for people who live then in the country were not primitive type perhaps all, nor they were culturally submitted. What more than probably could be happened will be races and cultural samensmelting.

Geographically are themselves Orissa as a coast pace between northern and Southern India that by tough Vindhyas is cut. It is natural for this reason that an assimilation of the races and the cultures of Aryans and Dravidians; must have taken place here in the time of meridiaanvlak.

Tezelfdertijd the successive races and cultural tides will omhoog have fluctuated of the different sides, are possible concerning binding these have rolled and break culminating in indo-culturele the synthesis.

Orissa, which are mainly rural, the traditional values are still kept living. In general the values have no people & life style, Orissa weakened Tourismdoubt but they are not lost. Under matrices onschuldige house Advisees in the forested hinterland and the forested hillock slopes, the earliest civilisation of India is preserved in its pristine form.

Not only in their isolated ham hamlets, the bet can catch the onschuldige and benign expectancies of flag-skin-lower also in innumerable thousands of villages in the country sides a glimp of decreasing horizon man mensdom, by.

A sensitive person who a prisoner of the modern society with its tension and tension happens whereas to be, a typical village, do not succeed in the proportion of its common people with god, nature and their people seeing.


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