Temples at Orissa

The well-known world concerning curious for its architectural is, houses Orissa some best temples in the country. The temples in Orissa are said supreme expression to architecture to have given. Taking the pattern Kalinga of architecture to its zenith, its these temples unique in both of the plan increase and decoratie details.

Introducing it earlier simple words, we can say that all these temples have a slightly similar structure. They exist from structural been appropriate, the most important temple or the heiligdom and the frontal portiek. The most important temple, which is confessed as Vimana or Deula, is sanctum which fixes deity. And the portiek or Jagamohana is congregatieplaats for the liefhebbers.

Please click the below links for the temples at Orissa.

* Jagannath Temple Puri
* Architecture of Jagannath Temple
* Konark Sun Temple
* Legend of Jagannath Temple
* Temples in Bhubaneshwar
* Brahmeshwar Temple
* Mukteswar Temple
* Parasurameswar Temple
* Rajarani Temple
* Vaital Deul Temple

Vimanas are constructed on a square basis and by curvilinear or shikhara tower constructed and have been called rekhadeula. The portieken of the temples rest on rectangular bases which horizontal platforms which successive in a declining shaping become is arranged pyramidal superstructure to form.


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