Puri Jagannath Temple

The temple Puri van Jagannath – the country that of Lord Jagannath, „means Lord of universe, is one of the holiest bedevaartvlekken in India. One of four divine abodes which lie on four directions of the compass; The temple Jagannath in Puri was the built approximately ADVERTISEMENT of the 12de centuries by king Chodaganga of the Eastern dynasty Ganga. Completion was later brought about by its descendant, Anangabhima Deva, during the 12de centuries.

One of most respected of all temples of Lord Vishnu in Eastern India, the temple Jagannath was built in the traditional temple the construction phase. Protected by two surrounding walls, the kegeltoren of the temple 58 high mts are on which the flag and the wheel of Lord Vishnu can be seen.

Specifically to Krishna, Balabhadra and Subhadra, the temple has these three as most important deities. Similar to the temple Lingaraja in Bhubaneshwar, this temple is also dense for niet-Hindus which itself by examining it of outside its areas only to fight.

Maha-Prasada: Of Mahaprasada are mental food purely vegetarian that to Lord Jagannath are offered. Only by eating this mahaprasada one makes large mental progress. Each day, 56 mixtures of prasada to Lord Jagannath are offered. The preparations are made traditional and no onion, garlic, the Spanish peppers or a lot of mixtures of vegetables (considered as strange) are not used.

This offerings, after are turned into Lord Jagannath, are then offered to Godin Bimala Devi in the temple areas which then Mahaprasadam become. This Mahaprasadam are considered as very for mental release effective. One the meeting Mahaprasadam on the floor respectfully must honour. This Mahaprasadam are available daily after 3-5 pro memoria. This is sold outside the sanctorumgebied but within the temple bldg. Mahaprasadam remain for a long time are called since it earth in same pots is kept which are used to cook it.

Normal, mahaprasadam mean a couple small dhal pot of vegetables, and a pot of rijst ten times the size of the small pots.

The 4 Gates of Jagannath Temple : –
There its long. concerning. forty temples within the appendix of the temple Jagannath. The complex temple exists from an area of approximately 18618 square feet of area. It is included by two rectangular appendices (walls). The outside appendix is called Meghanath Prachira, is it 665 feet X of 640 feet. and binnenencloser have been called Kurma Bedha, it is 420 feet X of 315 feet. The altitude of the outside appendix vari�ërt of 20 feet to 24 feet. Both are said outside and binnenbijlagen (walls) during 15-15-16ste century AD. to have built.  There are four enter poorten in the complex.

Eastern Poort: Generally people in the temple enter by this poort. These figures of two lions which are made of sand toe are placed on both sides of the entrance, for which the poort Poort of Simghadwar or of the lion is called. A pillar has been called aruna-Stamba for this poort. It is monolithic sharft or a chlorite which sixteen sides have and in 33 feet 8 inches. altitude of the ground. At the upper part of the pillar there is a picture of Aruna, charioteer of sun god. This pillar was brought of temple Konark and was installed here during 18de centuries A.D.In the chamberchamber chamber (gumuta) of the lions
poort, is there pictures of Hanuman, Radha Krishna and Ganesh which are installed on linkerzijde and on correct deity Narasimha, Hanuman and Patitapabana is geïnstalleerdo.  Under all these Patitaban keep deity both historic and religious importance. It is a small replica of Lord Jagannath who is confessed as Patitapaban, which literary resources redeemer of cases. The historians believe were installed this deity by Raja Ramachandra deva-Ii (ADVERTISEMENT 1727-1736) to allow niet-Hindus and they that not in the temple can enter devotions, they can darshan of Lord Jagannath without entering in the temple.

Southern Poort: The Southern poort of the temple has been called Aswadwar (the poort of the horse) and it is five steps above the way vooraan To the correct side of the steps, a giant figure of Hanuman is installed. The door is aforesaid better entrance of tantric within the temple go.

Western Poort: Four steps above the way are there a door at westernside and two small figures of tiger are place on both sides of, for this reason the mentioned Byaghradwar on the Poort of the tiger.

Northern Gate : It has been called Hastidwar or the Poort of the elephant, becomes small figures of two elephants which are made of stone seen are themselves on both side of the poort. The higher door framework depicts the nine planets in usual style Orissan. Local people are called this poort chemenidwar, because large number of house pole-axes of which on remaining.


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